The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are made up of dedicated Evangelical Christians who have spent their lives in the performing arts and in various Christian endeavors. The Directors recieve no compensation for their services and donate all their time and materials.

   Terry Olson has a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in journalism from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Theatre Arts with a minor in visual arts from Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1982, he moved SAK Theatre to Orlando to perform at EPCOT and to perform in the Tampa Hillsborough Schools. He is one of the founders of the Orlando Theatre Project, the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, the Orlando International Fringe Festival, the Creative Gift Foundation and the Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance.  Prior to initiating the position of Orange County's Arts & Cultural Affairs Director, he was already nurturing and promoting area culture as the Executive Director of the Theatre Alliance. In his role as Ambassador for the Arts, Mr. Olson keeps a hectic schedule attending multiple cultural events each week. He enthusiastically invites you to join him at the next arts opening!
   Dr. Dale Savidge was instrumental in founding CITA in the mid 1980s, and was elected its first President; he held the presidency until his appointment as Executive Director in 1994.  Dale Savidge earned two Masters degrees in theatre (and studied  at Kent State University) and a PhD in English and Theatre from the University of South Carolina. After teaching collegiate theatre at the undergraduate and graduate levels for fifteen years, in 1996 Dale launched Associates and Savidge, an arts management organization for professional Christian actors.  He resides in Greenville, SC with his wife Tammy, a registered nurse, and their three children: Timothy, Patricia and Olivia.
   Herbie Hansen was born to a Minister father.  He grew up watching his father fill pulpits by telling jokes and stories that enraptured his congregations.  He changed character voices and demonstration the actions.  His father was a minister and did not necessarily realize he was a comedic actor.  Herb became a comedic actor and did not necessarily realize he was a minister.  Herb having dreamed (literally) in High School of performing out of doors, on city streets, had his focus early in life.  He was one of the first people Steve Terrell called when Lamb's Players Street Theatre was being founded.  He was instrumental in getting that group off the ground and successful. When Lamb's Players began researching a resident stage, now located in San Diego, Herb was excited about the plan, but it wasn't his vision.  He left to attend the University Of Minnesota where he received a BFA in Acting.  There he formulated the idea of Sak Theater after a promoter asked him to fill the gap left by Lamb's Players.  He contacted some former Lamb's Player's street performers and Sak Theatre was born.  After a seven year span at Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Imagineering, Sak Theatre formulated their resident indoor stage now called Sak Comedy Lab.  Herb was excited about the plan, but it wasn't his vision.  He left to become a consultant and employee of many Theme Parks.  The Creative Manager at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and Atmosphere Show Producer for Universal Studios Japan, are among the standout locations.  Herb can now be found having the time of his life at Disney's Hollywood Studios performing Otto Von Bonn Bahn, 1940's German Film Director and performing with his wife playing the role of a faded silent film star named Dorma Nesmund. Both are Actor's Equity Members.

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