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To apply for a grant, fill out the following application. You can copy it and paste it into your favorite word processing program. Click here to send to us via email at or you can send regular mail to the address below. If you are sending application or non-electronic supportive materials by mail, please send three copies.

The Creative Gift Foundation
c/o Terry Olson
911 N Shine Ave
Orlando, FL 32803



Please fill out form as completely as possible. We realize that all questions may or may not apply to you but every question you do answer will enable us to make a more informed decision on your need. It also allows us a better measure on how to compare needs of various applicants. Please know that while we would love to grant moneys to everyone who applies, sometimes it is necessary for us to prayerfully decide between many needs and many worthy causes and organizations. Take a moment now before you begin to prayerfully seek wisdom to fill out your application, as we will seek God's wisdom on it's merits.


Name Of Your Organization:


Person Filling out form:


Your position or relationship to the organization:






E-mail Address:


Web Page:


Name of Project or need:


Detailed description of your project or need:



Please attach copies of the following items:

1. A copy of your IRS tax-exempt status.
2. A copy of your Articles of Incorporation.
3. Your organizational financial statement for the previous fiscal year. (Or current financial statement if organized for less than one year)



Please attach copies of the following items:

4. A list of other projects you have pursued and an explanation of how they worked.
5. Publicity and Marketing material produced by your organization. Other appropriate materials related to the artistic project. (Scripts, tape, photos, etc.)
6. How does this project support or create activity which furthers the Kingdom of God?



1. How does this project support or create activity which furthers the kingdom of God?


2. How does this project support or create artistic or cultural activity?


3. What is the purpose of the project?


4. Explain the need for the project.


5. What is being done by other organizations to meet this need?


6. How will the completed project be evaluated?


7. What is the project's budget? (Attach budget sheet if available)


8. What other sources of funds are planned for this project?


9. What other sources of funds have you used in the past?


10. How much money are you requesting from The Creative Gift Foundation?




We will give your application careful consideration and prayerful overview. Generally you will hear from us within 30 days of us receiving your application.


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